Winter Study Materials

How the Irish Became White, by Noel Ignatiev (centers on black-Irish relations in antebellum Philadelphia):

The Workshop of the World (industrial history of Philadelphia):

ACS City Economic Census Data:

Bureau of Labor Statistics (Philadelphia unemployment stats):

PEW, Philadelphia 2013, State of the City:

The Holding Pattern, by End Notes:

Class Composition and the Theory of the Party, by Sergio Bologna:

Fall Study Materials

South Philadelphia, by Mary Rizzo

Workshop of the World, by Walter Licht

Lords of the Docks: Interracial Unionism Wobbly-Style, by Peter Cole

The Philadelphia Dockers Strike and Local 8 of the IWW, by Mouvement Communiste

Building a Solidarity Network Guide, by Cold B and T Barnacle

Building a Solidarity Network in Houston, by the Southwest Defense Network

Social Explorer, a website for demographic research

The Intermediate Level Analysis, by S. Nappalos